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Karolus Wine Imports is a U.S. importer specializing in wines from the revered Burgundian estate, Bonneau du Martray.

The name ‘Karolus’ pays homage to Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, known in Latin as ‘Karolus Magnus.'

For Karolus, maintaining the quality of the wines we import is paramount, and it is considered in every step of the journey from Burgundy.

Though nothing can compare to drinking Corton-Charlemagne while overlooking the beautiful limestone Hill of Corton in Burgundy, we aim to ensure that each bottle tastes as it was intended no matter where it is finally opened.

All transport is done in temperature-controlled conditions so that the integrity of each bottle remains intact. In addition to quality, Karolus Wine Imports assures provenance and provides the most direct way for wine collectors to purchase Bonneau du Martray in the United States. Members of our exclusive mailing list can purchase Bonneau du Martray directly through Karolus Wine Imports, expediting the journey of each bottle between estate and wine cellar.

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